About us

Carbon heroes® is committed to reducing our impact upon the environment, initially by making better use of our cars. The company isn’t “anti car” as cars are often the only practical transport solution for many of our journey needs.

However, we can consider alternatives, such as sharing some of the journeys that we make. When we commute to work, how many other cars do we see, typically with just a single occupant? It doesn’t make sense to us that we normally travel by ourselves on these trips, when there could be a colleague that lives nearby.

When we head to major events, such as sporting, concerts or conferences, there can be tens of thousands of people heading to the same place for the same purpose. This creates an opportunity to share the journey, save some of our travel costs and reduce our overall carbon dioxide emissions.


Carbon heroes® was formed in 2007.

During 2007 the concept was refined into a public-facing service for major events and general travel, and private, secure sites for corporate clients.

The company then pursued an initial round of investment that completed in the autumn of 2008.

Development of the first carbon heroes® service started in late 2008.

Carbon heroes® launched in March 2009, with the first clients coming online in April.


Managing Director – Craig Barrack
Craig formed carbon heroes® and is now responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company. Craig’s background encompasses software development, technology sales, business evangelism, and general management, having been responsible for the UK subsidiary of the French company Netsize S.A.

Director – Tony Johnston Tony joined carbon heroes® in 2008 as a director and investor and was instrumental in securing the first round of funding for the company. Tony’s involvement with the company is particularly focussed on planning and business development. Tony’s background includes several director and CEO level roles, including time with Hambros, Kleinwort Benson and VELO.

The management now comprises a small team of experienced professionals, drawn from the information technology and automotive sectors.